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X Mod and claims cost reduction guarantee
Reduction in short term indemnity claims cost
Workplace injuries we stop from ever becoming claims
Of your data has fixable errors resulting in reimbursements

Claims Management is crucial to having a low X Mod.

The best way to describe your work comp policy is a financing agreement – you finance your claims through your policy and X Mod. This means that what your carrier pays out in claims directly impacts your premiums. Our job is to proactively manage every single party in the work comp system in order to accomplish three goals.

1: Your employee gets the appropriate level of care when an injury occurs.

2: The claim incurs the least amount of claim dollars possible.

3: The claim is closed in the most expedited manner.

Accomplishing these three goals is highly complex, but out entire company has been built around our claims management process – it’s our bread and butter.

Nurse & EMT triage response keeps future injuries out of the system.

Work Comp is a wildfire and the best way to prevent damage is by intervening at the moment of work place injury. Whiteboard steps in with a bilingual 24/7 recorded triage hotline staffed by nurses and combat military medics trained to assess injuries over the phone. If care cannot be treated telephonically, we dispatch a med technician to the employee’s location to treat them under the OSHA guidelines of First Aid. By managing workplace injuries at the time of the incident, Whiteboard effectively stops 87% of all work place injuries from ever becoming a claim.

Every party in the Work Comp system is capable of Fraud. Make sure you are protected.

Work comp in California is essentially legally fraud. Over the years there have been employees, doctors, and attorneys all arrested for work comp fraud. Whiteboard steps in prior to your next claim by a providing proprietary fit for duty testing and background checks. In addition, when a claim happens we investigate, monitor social media, and build the case for your insurance adjuster to execute their contractual obligation to manage claims in the best interest of the policy holder, which means fighting fraud whenever found.

Reverse Data Audit for Immediate Premium Reimbursement.

Our data team performs a reverse audit of your previous experience mods to find errors that are not in your favor. This 43 point proprietary data check digs into the data that goes into calculating your experience mods for the past 4 years. This includes payroll, audits, claims, and unit statistical filing data. We find errors 70% of the time that negatively impact our clients and have them corrected with the WCIRB/NCCI, resulting in return premiums. In addition, our data team makes sure that all data moving forward that is passed to the rating bureaus is accurate and handled in the most expedited manner.

Employee Liaison guides your Employees through the process.

Your employees don’t like the work comp system either.

Navigating the work comp system is a massive challenge for most employees. They are often unsure of what steps need to be taken and can easily get confused when they’re contacted by doctors, adjusters, and case managers. This confusion is one of the largest reasons that injured employee’s seek legal representation. Even if they’re just looking for help, once a claim becomes litigated the claim costs and the life of the claim are both going to be increased.

Instead of leaving the employee’s to fend for themselves, it’s vital someone steps in to assist the employee who has their best interest at heart – rather than an attorney who’s only goal is the largest settlement from the insurance company.

Whiteboard’s Injured Employee Liaison will step in right away when an employee gets injured. We’ll educate them on their options within the work comp system and guide them through each step in the life of their claim. Because of this intervention, employees are far less likely to retain an attorney which dramatically reduces the cost of the claim. Whiteboard’s Injured Employee Liaison is only available through our proprietary platform and  you can rest assured that your employees feel cared for and are receiving the treatment they need to get back to work.

It’s time to start expecting more.

Safety First.

The best claim is the one that never happens. Whiteboard’s team will assist with hundreds of safety and certification classes as well as give you access to a company that was built from the ground up to provide safety and compliance resources. Partnering with Whiteboard includes a web and mobile app that has over 500 tailgate meetings in both English and Spanish that includes e-signature documentation for all employees that participate.

HR support is never more than a click or a call away.

You are wearing 22 hats and effectively managing HR is a constantly moving target. Whiteboard has your back by giving you access to our HR portal that includes all new laws, forms and policies to keep you state and federally compliant. We also have a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) on call that will help you navigate any employee related issues. Wanting to create a new policy or procedure? Wanting to customize your HR documents? We’re here for you. We’ll also design a customized and ironclad employee handbook that will be your first line of defense in employee litigation.

If litigation is unavoidable, have the best on your side. 

Insurance Companies operating in the work comp space typically hire outside counsel to defend their policy holders in the event an employee sues. These attorneys typically are claims settling machines, but not anymore. We’ve partnered with Albert & Mackenzie, who specialize in defending employers against the fraudulent work comp system. Because Whiteboard functions as your broker we are able to request assigning counsel for all claims at the time of renewal. This gives us the inside track and allows us to work directly with the attorney defending you.

Transparency. Know where your claims stand at all times. 

Managing your claims is our job and we’d love for you to see our work. We’ve built a work comp claims portal that deep dives into your claims and experience mod data. This portal will show how your claims impact you, as well as give you real time updates on all currently open claims. You can watch every single step your Whiteboard adjuster makes all the way to the closure of the claim.

Having the appropriate insurance is crucial.

Coverage must be architected around a company’s specific exposures all while tracking down the lowest rates possible. The dirty little secret that most agents don’t want you to know is that they cannot get a better deal than other agents. The insurance market is extremely commoditized – the reason being is that your insurance rates and coverage are based off your application and loss history, and not what kind of relationship your broker has with an underwriter. Nearly every broker can access every insurance carrier, so choose your broker based off the value they bring independent of the quotes. We’re ready and equipped to build you the most competitive insurance portfolio, and so much more.

Yes, you read that right! We do Insurance and Media. Here’s why:

Are you ready to upgrade the way your business looks with vendors, clients, or even your insurance underwriters? Whiteboard Media is at your service to create custom safety & training videos, underwriting videos, or even a commercial for you! We are all about creativity, so if you have an idea and need a media team to execute your vision – you’ve found it.