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Our process may sound good in theory, but it’s only worthwhile if it generates results. We’ve compiled the data from third party studies and an internal data analysis to give you a tangible idea as to what you can expect from a Whiteboard partnership.

We’ve built this unique platform from the ground up to handle a very specific issue. The proof is in the data – it works.


reduction in short term indemnity claim’s cost


workplace Injuries we stop from ever becoming a claim


of your data has fixable errors resulting in reimbursements


X Mod and claim’s cost guarantee!

Whiteboard vs. California

We did an internal audit on our data to compare the average cost of our claims management results vs the average cost of a claim across California. The 4 most commonly occurring claims are: Strain by Lifting, Repetitive Motion, Cumulative Trauma, and Slip/Trip & Fall.

See how we stack up against the rest of California (hover to see the amounts).







Case Studies.

Commercial Lumber & Pallet Co.

Since 1941, Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company has become one of the largest manufacturers of new wooden pallets in the nation. With over 300 employees throughout their 2 facilities, they manufacture and ship between 8 and 10 million board feet of lumber per month respectively. Beyond finding errors that resulted in a six figure return, we’ve been able to come along side CLC to dramatically reduce their claims frequency and claims cost. We’re thrilled to have them as a client.


MyLife Foundation

My Life Foundation was established in 2004 as a non-profit agency to provide quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities. They started with 15 staff serving in a small location in LA; they are now are serving all over LA to the San Fernando Valley and up to Palmdale employ more than 250 dedicated employees. We could not be more excited to be a part of this organization’s growth by saving them over $300,000 in additional premiums by our proactive claims management. This organization is a testament to power of the human spirit and it’s an amazing thing to witness.


Woods Maintenance Service

Started in 1975, Woods Maintenance has an empire of different services ranging from graffiti removal to homeless encampment cleanup. Woods sister company is the largest pressure washer contractor in California. We’ve been able to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars on their premiums by proactively managing their prior work comp claims and mitigating future ones. We’re honored to be part of their family.


California Center for the Arts, Escondido

In 1985 the voters of Escondido approved the building of a $73 Million dollar arts center that would bring music, dance, theater, education, and visual arts together in one dynamic campus. The Center now hosts hundreds of events attracting over a quarter of a million people annually. The Center is one of our longest standing clients and has seen their experience mod cut in half through the combined efforts of our teams. We’re so glad they decided to trust our young startup company and so thankful they continue to.


Pipetrades Plumbing & Pipe Fitting

Steve and his team started small, but have seen their company grow dramatically since their start in 2014. They’ve worked on many different projects in the San Diego and have been contracted by Scripps Hospital and other staples in the community. We’ve been crucial to their success as a startup due to the many resources we offer that fall outside what a typical insurance brokerage does. We’re excited to see our clients experience this kind of growth and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.