The Future of Insurance Claims Management

Everybody offers “claim management”, but at Whiteboard Risk and Insurance Solutions we utilize a unique process to protect your business from unnecessary claims cost. What we do is important, but how we do it is what sets us apart.

Do you really feel like your claims are handled efficiently? Brokers often pass off the responsibility to insurance adjusters, who frequently settle claims with no regard to the policty holder. Whiteboard is here to redefine what claims management actually means.

We quickly triage the injury with a series of questions to ensure that professional care is not required. Through the use of triage response we can keep 89% of workplace injuries from having to become a claim. Our triage tech will follow up with the injured employee 24 hours and 72 hours after the injury to make sure that they are recovering as expected.

If the employee does have to be referred to the clinic, we refer them to one inside your MPN and call the provider enroute to control the direction of the claim before it even begins. When an injured worker is referred to the clinic our claims team will be notified and review the injury. Then, we reach out to discuss early strategy.

Once we finish our strategy call we contact the adjuster to begin the proactive management of your claim. Our employee concierge then guides your injured worker to help them understand their options each step of the way. This significantly reduces the likelihood of litigation resulting in a much lower cost on each claim. Your claims manager will follow up with all parties before and after each medical visit.

We have numerous strategies to help aggressively manage your claims so that claims are closed as quickly as possible and with the fewest amount of claims dollars spent. This is great news for your experience mod rating. There’s claims management then there’s Whiteboard. Who do you want in your corner?