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It’s the elephant in the room.  It’s always the elephant in the room.  And you know what? We get it.  If it wasn’t such a big deal, your ex-mod wouldn’t bother anyone too much in the first place.

We’re talking about money.

As far as “frequently asked questions” go, this is the most frequent by far.  When we explain the experience modification reduction process to people and they start realizing the amount of money that we’re saying we can save them, people get suspicious.  We’ve been called some pretty harsh names by people who assume we must be some kind of scam.  It’s all just too good to be true.  Something so good must cost a fortune.  I mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.  (Insert saying here).

Alright, let’s clear this up.

When we first get in touch with a business that has ex-mod problems, the first step is always to set up a meeting.  It has to start there to make sure that everyone understands each other and what we’re talking about.  To us, this is a partnership, not a transaction, and we don’t want anyone thinking we’re just another broker offering a “cheap quote.”

After that meeting, if both sides decide to move forward, we run an analysis on the business’ ex-mod.  This analysis goes into detail as far as how low the ex-mod can be expected to go, the type of savings that translates to, and the time frame for it to happen.  It also tells us, based on the specific details of each business, how much work it will take on our end to get the ex-mod down.  It’s that case-by-case assessment that allows us to calculate the cost for each business.

Now admittedly, because we operate this way, we’re not able to tell people how much everything costs upfront, which can be a big stumbling block for some business owners.  However, it also means that when we do come up with a cost, it’s tailored to your exact situation and needs.

But this is where things get fun.

In addition to working on the experience modification, we are also a full-service, independent insurance agency.  When we work with a business in this capacity, it allows us to get creative as far as the cost of any experience modification work.  Essentially, we’re able reinvest a portion of the commissions that we make from working as an agent back into the resources that we’re providing the company.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that your business can use us as an insurance broker.  We then make the customary 10-20% commission that any other insurance broker would make, BUT instead of pocketing that money or using it to bring you donuts once a year, we use it to pay for some (or all) of the fee for our experience modification management services.

That means that

  1. You have a broker who can reach out to the market to get you the best quotes available,
  2. That same broker is working to reduce your ex-mod, which in turn lowers your premiums, and…
  3. There’s a chance that you could have all of that without changing a thing about what you’re paying right now.


That’s what it costs.