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Once we explain to people what we do and how much we can impact their bottom line via experience modification management, HR, Safety and Risk Management, they almost always assume that there’s got to be a catch.

I mean, c’mon… we’re just too good to be true, right? We’ll probably make you switch your insurance to some carrier that’s a nightmare to work with and you’ve never heard of before.

First of all, we’re flattered.  It’s not every day that someone says you’re too good to be true.

More importantly, there’s no catch.  So, back to the real question:  What insurance companies do we work with?

Well, virtually all of them.  That’s where PIIB comes in.

Here at Whiteboard, we’re part of Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers (or PIIB, for short), one of the nation’s top 10 agency clusters with 20+ years of experience, over 220 affiliated agencies, and upwards of $600 million of combined premium.  That’s a big deal… and not just because those are impressively large numbers.

Our partnership with PIIB is about bringing our clients the best in insurance knowledge, negotiating power, and servicing efficiency.  Let’s just go down the list.

Insurance Knowledge

With as much money as your business pays for insurance annually, it helps to know you are fully covered.  All too often, new clients come to us who are under-insured and over-paying.  Because PIIB connects us with so many other agencies with years of experience, we’re able to specifically tailor your insurance policies to your unique set of coverage needs.  You won’t ever have to worry that something may happen that your business isn’t covered for.

Negotiating Power

When insurance carriers associate you with $600 million of total premium, you’re simply allowed certain privileges that wouldn’t otherwise be available.  So what does this look like in practice?

First, when it comes time to find your renewal policy, underwriters from all the major insurance carriers will give your account special consideration because you’re backed by an agency with lofty premium behind it.  As the process progresses, your account will be allowed more credits (aka better pricing) because of your connection to PIIB.  Finally, that status allows faster turn-around times, so you don’t have to make last minute decisions.

Servicing Efficiency

Being a PIIB agency allows for direct interaction with the insurance carriers.  This means that when your business has insurance service needs, things get done quickly and easily.  You won’t have to go back and forth for days trying to figure out who you need to contact and where to call to get the right information.  Your questions get answered.  Your problems get solved.

No headaches.

So, here’s the bottom-line:  Being connected counts.   It’s important to have someone in your corner with knowledge and influence who’s able to leverage every situation in your best interest.