FAQ: How Much Is This Going To Cost?

It’s the elephant in the room.  It’s always the elephant in the room.  And you know what? We get it.  If it wasn’t such a big deal, your ex-mod wouldn’t bother anyone too much in the first place. We’re talking about money. As far as “frequently asked questions” go, this is the most frequent

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Ex-Mod | The Quiz

It’s time to shake things up a bit: Pop Quiz! Well, not really, but “Workers’ Compensation Insurance Knowledge Self-Assessment” doesn’t exactly have the same effect. Before you see exactly how much you know, though, let us explain where this is coming from.  It’s really two things.  First, since we’ve started putting out weekly content,

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Kickback Attack!

Just a few days ago, the California Department of Insurance announced that it put a stop to a ring of doctors and pharmacists who were taking advantage of the workers’ compensation system.  By prescribing unnecessary medications and ordering unnecessary tests, these medical professionals took over $23 million out of the pockets of California business

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Ex-Mod 201

  Warning:  This post is for those of you that understand the basics of how your experience modification affects your workers’ compensation insurance, but want to delve deeper.  There’s going to be some math and technical terms involved, but we’ll do our best to keep things simple and concise.  With that said, let’s jump

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FAQ: We just renewed our insurance. Can you call me next year?

No. Well… yes, but let’s just talk right now. Here at Whiteboard, when it comes to lowering your experience modification, we’re not talking about moving your insurance and hopefully getting you a better rate elsewhere.  Here’s where the confusion lies:  There’s a difference between your ex-mod and your rates. The similarities are obvious.  They’re

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FAQ: Our ex-mod just came out, so aren’t we stuck until next year?

  No. No, no, no. No! The reason for the harsh response here is that the answer to the question is, in fact, “no,” but beyond that, it’s the wrong way to approach the whole situation.  Of course, you already got your ex-mod for the year.  That’s why we’re talking to you about it.

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FAQ: Doesn’t My Broker Do That Already?

In past posts, we’ve mentioned that every day we call businesses about their experience modifications and how we can help them… And every single day, without fail, we get the same questions. Because of that (and because they’re good questions with valuable answers) we’ve decided to spend some time fielding some of those here.

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