Experience Modification Management

Experience Modification Management and Why it is Critical to Optimizing Workers Comp Managing Your Workers Compensation Experience Modification or Ex-Mod Our mission at Whiteboard Risk and Insurance Solutions is to help companies like yours manage their experience modification or Ex-Mod factor to optimize workers compensation premiums. Since your experience rating will determine the cost of

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Insurance Claims Management of the Future is Here Today

The Future of Insurance Claims Management Everybody offers "claim management", but at Whiteboard Risk and Insurance Solutions we utilize a unique process to protect your business from unnecessary claims cost. What we do is important, but how we do it is what sets us apart. Do you really feel like your claims are handled

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Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Your Workers’ Compensation Premium

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Your Workers’ Compensation An Experience Modification Rate (EMR) will always affect worker's comp insurance premium of your company. Insurers use the Experience Mod Rate (EMR) to calculate worker's compensation premiums because it considers the history of accidents or loss, ie the number of claims that occurred over the last 3

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The Definitive Guide to Lowering Your X Mod in 2021

Experience Modification Rate & X Mod Explained One of the biggest expenses for any business can be Workers Compensation Insurance.  Knowing this, business owners and managers have a strong motivation to find ways to save on this expense while also protecting the company’s assets and mitigating risks.  When navigating this often-confusing landscape, one of

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