What is an X-Mod?

What is an X-Mod (X Mod, XMod, EMR) The Purpose of Experience Rating California’s experience rating system is intended to provide Employers a direct financial incentive to reduce work-related accidents. The experience rating system objectively distributes the cost of workers’ compensation insurance more equitably among employers by determining which employer’s are more likely to

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Insurance Claims Management of the Future is Here Today

The Future of Insurance Claims Management At Whiteboard we pride ourselves on being the #1 resource for X Mod Management. We’ve built out our entire platform to have a strategy available for everything that could come your way with regards to Work Comp claims and their costs. However, there are undoubtedly issues that move through

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The Definitive Guide to Lowering Your X Mod in 2021

Experience Modification Rate & X Mod Explained One of the biggest expenses for any business can be Workers Compensation Insurance. Knowing this, business owners and managers have a strong motivation to find ways to save on this expense while also protecting the company’s assets and mitigating risks. When navigating this often-confusing landscape, one of the

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COVID-19: What it means for worker’s compensation?

Covid-19 and Worker's Comp As of November 10, 2020, there have now been 50,592 COVID-19 related workers compensation claims reported in California this year - including 282 deaths. As the COVID-19 numbers across California continue to rise, with many of the states’ largest counties re-entering lockdowns (and enforcing harsh restrictions) it may be safe

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