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When an obscure insurance factoid comes up 5 times in 2 days at the Whiteboard offices, that's when we know it's time to write a post. You may have heard that as of January

Accommodating Pregnant Employees

Let’s imagine a situation. Wendy, who’s been on the job for only four months, informs her employer that she’s pregnant. She requests light duty and asks if temporary leave is an option. Instead of

“Shed”-ing Light on Your BOP Coverage

When it comes to insurance, you never stop learning. Even the most grizzled vets don't know everything. Here at Whiteboard, it's our firm belief that continued education is imperative if we want to stay effective

The Hottest Benefit of 2017?

Businesses looking to attract new employees must distinguish themselves from the competition, especially if they’re unable to pay salaries above the market value. Creative benefits often do the trick, particularly if they address specific

Tips for Keeping Your Company Data Secure

Small businesses are a popular target of cyber criminals. Thousands of attacks happen every day, successful ones can cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars, and over half of small businesses soon close following

Five Tips for Effective Meetings

If you want to get a snapshot of your organization’s efficiency and the health of its culture, look at your meetings. Are they efficient and productive? Do their results justify the time and expense?

Sold Out

by John Tillery - Managing Partner   What are the adjectives that comes to mind when you hear the word “sales” or “salesperson”? I might be going out on a limb here, but I’d imagine

FAQ: How Much Is This Going To Cost?

It’s the elephant in the room.  It’s always the elephant in the room.  And you know what? We get it.  If it wasn’t such a big deal, your ex-mod wouldn’t bother anyone too much

Ex-Mod | The Quiz

It’s time to shake things up a bit: Pop Quiz! Well, not really, but “Workers’ Compensation Insurance Knowledge Self-Assessment” doesn’t exactly have the same effect. Before you see exactly how much you know, though,

Kickback Attack!

Just a few days ago, the California Department of Insurance announced that it put a stop to a ring of doctors and pharmacists who were taking advantage of the workers’ compensation system.  By prescribing

Ex-Mod 201

  Warning:  This post is for those of you that understand the basics of how your experience modification affects your workers’ compensation insurance, but want to delve deeper.  There’s going to be some math

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