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Building an effective strategy for changing the way workers’ compensation insurance works did not happen overnight, by only one person, in a dingy basement. At Whiteboard, we foster a lively, young, open, supportive company

2020 will see an increase to Disability Rates.

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has announced that the 2020 minimum and maximum temporary total disability rates will increase on Jan. 1, 2020. Under Labor Code, workers with a date of injury on

What does the new AB-5 legislation mean to you?

AB5 will drastically change the amount of employees you need to include in your payroll and Work Comp (vs using independent contractors). Stay tuned for the latest information on the progress of this legislation.

Do You Rate Employees Higher Who Advocate for Your Team?

When completing performance reviews, psychologists and researchers alike agree that managers naturally exhibit bias in the ratings. To be fair and objective, a performance evaluation must be based on the employee’s job-related behavior, not

Workplace Bullying

Although workplace bullying may be a new concern for some employers, others are all too familiar with its perils. Before we discuss facts of bullying, let’s look at its role in the workplace today.

Terminating a Well-Liked Employee

Eight years ago you hired an extremely talented, energetic individual who quickly became a source of enthusiasm and expertise in your workplace. A friend to everyone, this star employee excelled in their work, acing

Stay Interviews

Last month, we discussed the reasons for conducting exit interviews. When employees leave, the exit interview can help you understand why. You may not be able to convince the departing employee to stay, but

How to Get Results From Your Team Building Activities

At some point in your career, you’ve probably participated in team-building exercises that made you wonder, “What’s the point?” Maybe they were useless group activities that everyone mocked under their breath. Or maybe they

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