Welcome to 2017 | Part 2

The goal of last week’s blog was to kick off 2017 on a positive note with some good news. Mission Accomplished.  Worker’s Compensation rates are on the decline, and savings are on the way (If you missed out on the details, click here).  There’s nothing wrong with a little feel-good, happy-ending blog from time

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Welcome to 2017 | Part 1

It’s a new year, and I know what you’re probably thinking: What’s new with the California Workers’ Compensation system and how will it affect my business?  Am I right? Oh… you hadn’t thought to ask that yet? It probably just fell down your to-do list a few spots.  Well, that’s okay.  We’ve got you

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Welcome to Thoughts | Start Expecting More

It’s official:  2016 is now a thing of the past, and 2017 is ready to roll.  The team here at Whiteboard wants to wish you a (belated) Happy New Year and let you in on our New Year’s Resolution.  If you’ve listened to us talk or looked around our website, you’ll probably notice that

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