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Insurance has been done the same for decades and it’s time for change.  Simply quoting your insurance and having great customer service should be the minimum expected. At Whiteboard, we passionately believe you should start expecting more from your broker. Our entire business is designed to help companies minimize risk, protect their bottom line, and maximize their growth, regardless of where the insurance is placed. In every area of our firm we are committed to being a company that is a catalyst for change in an archaic industry.

Our Process Produces Results


Meeting is vital in our process. The goal of this initial meeting is to determine if our companies will fit together. This will lay a foundation for our long term partnership by setting expectations on both sides. Typically this meeting runs 15-20 minutes and we will both know if it makes sense to move to the next step.


This allows us to mutual deep dive into the insurance and non-insurance expenses and exposures of your company. We will ask you questions you would never expect to hear from an insurance broker. We are going to determine where we can impact your management team’s time, uncover the company’s uninsurable liabilities, and determine which of our solutions can put money back on your bottom line.


This is where we provide our strategies on how best to protect your company, save your management team time, and have the largest impact to your bottom line, regardless of the insurance placement. By this point you will have enough information to make an educated business decision to determine if a partnering with an insurance brokerage that delivers total risk management makes sense for your company.


The goal of two companies partnering together is to make both sides stronger. We are committed to relentlessly communicating with you, constantly innovating for you, and standing by you through everything. The commitments we are looking for in our client partners are transparency, communication and willingness to share what Whiteboard has done for your company.

Risk Management

Some risks can be accounted for through insurance, but there are risks in every industry that are uninsurable. So how does a company account for these uninsurable risks? The key is partnering with a risk advisor that delivers true risk mitigation as opposed to an insurance agent that only places insurance. Whiteboard believes you should have a partner that looks beyond insurance and provides solutions for these risks that other brokers simply ignore. From human resources & legal consulting, to safety manuals, employee handbooks, drug testing, OSHA concerns and many more, just know that Whiteboard’s Risk Management platform helps protect you in ways no other broker can. It’s time for brokers to earn their commissions and for you to start expecting more.


Employee Benefits

Is your employee benefits plan designed to mitigate risk, increase employee retention, attract top talent and ultimately contribute to your success? Whiteboard Risk works to understand your company’s identity, culture, and vision to put you in a position to achieve your goals. While we analyze and market your benefits portfolio and help you place new plans and programs, our goal is to be your strategic partner to reduce any possible road blocks that would stand in the way of achieving goals. Regardless of existing plans or new specific programs, we are there to help develop and implement a strategy that will align your company toward the results you and your employees desire. Not all benefit brokers are equal, and it’s time you start expecting more.

Business Insurance

New risks emerge around every corner, and traditional exposures take on new costs and complications. At Whiteboard Risk, we understand this fact. Managing risk is the challenge that drives our company to deliver robust, client centric solutions that not only reduce the overall cost of an insurance program, but also bring new dimensions to a risk transfer strategy. This focused discipline carries through design of a program structured to your company’s needs, implementation of a solution that delivers value, and management of losses and claims that goes beyond the expected. Whiteboard Risk is a full service insurance broker and provides all lines of commercial insurance from general liability, workers compensation, auto, property, professional liability, bonds and many more.

Experience Modification

Everyone in the entire workers compensation system is incentivized to make claims appear worse than they actually are. At Whiteboard Risk, we deeply involve ourselves within each claim in order reduce claim costs. First, we go through claims history in order to correct mistakes or miscommunications between those handling claims. We get involved with open claims to resolve the claim quickly and in the best interest of the employer. Finally, we are involved at the time of incident going forward in order to either eliminate claims before their inception or manage them to a favorable result.  Implementing all of this, and more, results in reduced Experience Modification Rates and ultimately a massive reduction in workers compensation premiums.

The Founders

Jeff Dow
Jeff DowPartner | Founder
Dallas Hewett
Dallas HewettPartner | Founder
John Tillery
John TilleryPartner | Founder

Whiteboard’s story began in 2014 with three like minded individuals having a candid discussion about an archaic industry. Prior to founding the company Jeff, Dallas, and John successfully worked at agencies in both San Diego and Chicago. While coming together to discuss how to innovate for their clients it became very clear that all three founders had a similar vision and passion about the insurance and risk management industry. After investing everything they had to format a resource and consulting platform, the market began to realize the value Whiteboard brought to the table. The founders are active in all aspects of the business and continue to thrive and push the company to expand it’s services and value to clients.

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